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July 16, 2015

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Sunday is always busy at Bunnings stores. On June 28, we were able to take advantage of the hungry Sunday ‘DYOers’ by selling sausages at our local Scoresby store on a Bunnings community sausage stand.  Marcelo and I organised, coordinated and cooked with the welcome help of a number of volunteers. The sizzle was suggested by the IOE Board as a way of raising some funds to support our training and development program for IOE volunteers, including vollie camps.

When I originally contacted all of the local Bunnings I was informed that the waiting list for this year was extremely large and I would have to apply again for a spot next year! Luckily they had a cancellation for the 28th, so we jumped at the early opportunity.

Lots of volunteers came along to help out on the day and our sausage stand went really well. Special shout out to Erin Perry and Elise McLellend for being there at 8.30am to help with the set up, then coming back at 4pm to help with the pack up.

Our thanks must go to Tasman meats at Glen Waverley who gave us hugely discounted sausages and to Huey’s Bakehouse in Scoresby who provided bread at cost for the event – all we needed from the supermarket were drinks and condiments Thank goodness fellow employee, Emma Robertson gave us a cheat sheet from her play centre as that’s where we heard about the great deals we could get. Rachie Cantwell saved our lives by suggesting a local place to get pre sliced onions!

Huey’s Bakehouse have also asked how they can assist us, as they often donate bread to families that are in need and are happy to do the same for IOE families who find themselves in that situation.

In the end we raised $1,300, which was more than we thought we would raise, so the day turned out to be quite successful, thanks to our volunteers and the support of the local businesses and community.

by Jess Van Arendonk  – Volunteer Coordinator


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