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June 3, 2013

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After a long and relentless campaign, a hard earned victory has been won for people with disabilities.

The new DisabilityCare Australia (NDIS) has finally been launched in 6 sites across South Australia, Tasmania, New South Wales and the Victorian region of Barwon. The roll out of the scheme will continue progressively over the coming years, with it being fully in place across Australia by July 2019.

Interchange Outer East member, Ryan Pope, and his mother Stella, are two of the ‘faces’ of the media campaign for DisabilityCare Australia. They have both thoroughly enjoyed the process in which they have been involved in creating the campaign ads. Stella is delighted that she and Ryan have been able to be a part of something which will have such a profound effect on people with disabilities and their families.

Stella said “I saw that the media unit was looking for people to be involved in the ads for DisabilityCare and Ryan seemed to fit their profile. He has done a bit of acting and is used to stage direction and production and, as he loves the drama scene, we thought he would really enjoy this new acting experience.”
Ryan was an instant hit with the casting panel and they immediately invited Stella to take part as well.

“Ryan learned his lines and was really good during the production sessions and everyone worked well with him. He was very casual about the whole thing and took it all in his stride. He even tried to add his own thing with a bit of juggling on the side, but this was not included in the shoot!” said Stella.

Both Stella and Ryan attended the Barwon launch on July 1st. Also in attendance were most of the other campaign ‘faces’, local dignitaries, government and DisabilityCare campaign organisers and many others who have been involved in the NDIS movement or who will be affected by the introduction of the new funding scheme. Mary Wooldridge, State Liberal Minister for Disability Services and Reform, and Darren Cheeseman, local Labor MP each recognised the contribution from all sides to get DisabilityCare up and running and Mayor Cr Keith Fagg welcomed the scheme to Geelong.

Stella said the launch was “filled with positive energy and hope for the future of this great scheme”.

And Ryan … Ryan summed up the whole experience with a huge smile (now famous!) and a thumbs up.

The media campaign material is being aired on TV and radio, in newspapers, online and in DisabilityCare offices around Australia.  For more information about DisabilityCare Australia and to see Ryan in action go to  http://www.disabilitycareaustralia.gov.au/document/253

by Sandra Leehy

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