Responsibility Brings Change

September 26, 2013

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As Coordinator of the Link program in Bayswater, I am frequently impressed by the changes in attitudes and self esteem that I see when people are given something meaningful to do. Miles, who attends Link two days a week, is one example of this.

Miles came to us from another service at the beginning of 2013 because he was bored and needed a change. At his previous placement he was not engaging in much activity and not even wanting to get up out of bed to attend.

At Link, we look at ways of engaging our young adults so their strengths can be utilised for positive outcomes. We saw that Miles loved to help others, so thought he would slot well into our Meals on Wheels program. It was quickly evident that he was a real asset to this program and, as he was passionate about Occupational Health and Safety, we soon promoted him to Quality Control Supervisor. In this position he oversees and supports everyone to deliver the meals to the senior citizens in our Bayswater community.

What a change! The sense of responsibility has really impacted on Miles’ life. Previously, he struggled to get out of bed in the morning but now he is up early and ready to go. He is even asking staff at his house to quickly make his breakfast so that he can eat it on the run, as he can’t be late for his job. Gold!!

By Deborah Kennedy – Balanced Options Link Coordinator

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