Real Needs Grant Supports Children

August 20, 2015

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Just like all children, children with a disability need some time away from home and their parents. They really benefit from having people, other than family, to relate to and spend time with. And like all parents their parents appreciate and benefit from some time out for themselves too.

This is what the Interchange Volunteer Host Program aims to achieve.

Sadly though, Interchange Outer East has more families wanting to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Host Program than it has people applying to be volunteer hosts.

In order to address the issue of ‘timeout for everyone’ Interchange Outer East applied to Real Insurance for consideration of inclusion in their Real Needs Community Grants program. The grants are an initiative of the Real Insurance company as their way of giving back to the community and making a difference to the lives of Australian children and families in need. Fortunately the application was successful and Real Insurance has stepped in to support some of those waiting list families. The generous grant of $5000 will enable the running of a camp which will provide a group of children with a weekend away where they will get to meet new people, have new experiences and a break from the day to day routine at home. While the children are away, their families will be getting a well deserved break from their caring role as well. A win win situation for all.

IOE is grateful that this respite initiative from the Host Program has been assisted by the Real Needs Community Grants Program.

by Karen Munzel

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