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July 14, 2014

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IOE’s Lana Wheatfill, accompanied by her Support Worker Meaghan Finlayson, recently returned from a ‘holiday of a lifetime’ at Goanna Park Adventure Camp in the Northern Territory. The camp, an annual event, is organised and run by Variety – the children’s charity, Northern Territory and children from across Australia are invited to join in 8 days of activities, experiences, fun and friendship. Read the Latest News article An Amazing Experience for more insights and photos.


– My holiday to NT was awesome.
– I had lots of fun and it was really interesting to meet all these new people. The weather was amazing! It was so much better than here in Melbourne.
– I really liked some of the activities like the wave pool, rock climbing and Crocodylus Park. I hadn’t done any of those last year when I was up there and they were really cool and definitely a new experience.
– Hanging out with Meaghan was cool too. We hadn’t really known each other beforehand andt it was nice to get to know each other better.
– I made other friends too and the other carers and JPR’s were really nice too.
– The food was superb. It was really yum!
– Overall it was a really great experience and something I will probably treasure for the rest of my life. I would definitely recommend it.
– Thank you for choosing me! I hope next year, someone will go and have just as much fun as I did!


I had no idea what to expect, it was definitely a shock when we turned up and realised how ‘middle of nowhere’ it really was. This ended up being one of the best parts. The kids had to learn to make their own fun without their usual technology; they became immune to being surrounded by cane toads and covered in dirt. It was great to see so many friendships made throughout the week. You could tell a good time was definitely had, when kids who cried to go home on the first day were crying to say goodbye on the last.

This trip gave me the opportunity to not only see and explore the beautiful Northern Territory but also to meet so many wonderful people, learn so much and become a part of the incredible organisation Variety – the Children’s Charity.

To find out more about Variety, the children’s charity visit their website http://www.variety.org.au/VIC/

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