Nowa Nowa Adventure

December 4, 2014

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It’s holiday time for Balanced Options post school services! I recently accompanied a group who enjoyed a trip to Lakes Entrance where we stayed at the Nowa Nowa Wilderness Retreat in a very rustic hundred year old bunkhouse.

We spent plenty of time relaxing around the campsite, listening to David’s music and Mary Poppins, kicking the footy and just chilling out. We had a very enjoyable trip out to the Buchan caves and were fascinated as we squeezed our way through the walkways of the Royal Cave. Lots of ducking under rocks, climbing stairs and oohing and aahing at stalactites and stalagmites.

The next adventure was a three hour cruise on the lakes with our fantastic hosts Tony and Melinda, where we saw dolphins and seals and the old fishing villages as we traveled along. David shared his passion for the Pet Shop Boys with a fellow tourist on the cruise, while James did his famous Titantic pose at the bow of the boat.

After a serve of scones with jam and cream it was time to drag Ben away from his newly found friends and head out for dinner – fish and chips by the lake surrounded by seagulls and a million flies. Then it was back to the Wildernes retreat camp to meet some of the other guests.

The last day at camp we headed for Bairnsdale for breakfast and were well looked after by the wonderful staff at Hendo’s Cafe (we highly recommend it if you’re passing through – free plug for Hendo’s!). With a full belly after a freshly cooked breakfast and a takeaway coffee in hand, it was time to hit the road for the long journey back.

A good trip for everyone!

by Cathy Handy

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