Non Stop Fun Vollie Camp

February 25, 2015

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The tank, pick up lines, water slide bonding, ice cream with no hands, camp songs, AJ’s snake, carpet burn, paint fights, mud fights, sleepless nights, inflatables, dance offs, spider webs in the big bus, cling wrap, frozen clothes, dressing the skeleton, pictures on people, warm & fuzzies, the bridge …  These are just a few words that sum up all the fun we had on the recent Interchange Outer East volunteer camp at The Summit in Trafalgar.

It started on Friday afternoon, when everyone met at IOE and piled into the buses. First stop was McDonalds on the freeway.  We could all tell from there that it was going to be a loud and messy weekend!

We ended up with 30 volunteers coming along, plus Fred, Marcelo and myself.

Friday night started with surveys and vollie games, Saturday went straight into a day of team building activities. There was the high wire, wire bridge, rock climbing, snake holding, walking on nails, flying fox, super sized
fooseball and inflatable obstacle course. But, the most popular and most bonding activity had to be the waterslide. You could hear the screams and laughter throughout the whole campsite.

Saturday night got serious with a volunteer forum. This gave volunteers the opportunity to talk about what matters to them and how they like to be supported while volunteering. There was so much to say that it went all
night,  It was terrific to see such positive energy during and after the forum. Everyone got involved and it really seemed to revitalise the entire group. There were so many good ideas put forward and so much to think about for our future directions.  The discussion might have been serious and in depth but it certainly didn’t stop the volunteers from playing more vollie games after it finished.

The last day was full of paint, mud and scenarios. It was sad to leave The Summit, but that didn’t mean the end of the fun as the volunteers there were lots of laughs, songs, games on the bus trip back to IOE.

Goodbye vollie camp, thanks everyone for such a fun weekend. We look forward to the next one.

by Jess Van Arendonk

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