New Family Fun at Lollipops

December 1, 2016

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On the evening of Friday 25 November Interchange Outer East held an evening for families new to IOE services at Lollipops, an indoor playground in Croydon.

The aim of this event was to develop relationships between families and staff, create networks and provide an opportunity for families to connect with the IOE community from the offset. Often people require support when accessing a new service. IOE believes that it is important to work together with these families to build this support so they are comfortable and confident when entrusting the care of their children to the organisation.

Over 60 people attended the evening. Families seemed to connect well and conversed from the beginning. The children enjoyed running around the playground, playing together and making new friends. There was some great camaraderie when  the children were playing. One of the memorable moments was when they were trying to fill up an oversized basket with as many balls as possible so it could be upturned over an unfortunate passer-by. While the children played the parents shared stories, ideas and revisited familiar themes. Families also managed to chat 1:1 with coordinators and ask relevant questions about Interchange Outer East and the available services.

The Jarrot family who attended the evening gave the following feedback:

‘To the team at IOE, thank you for the opportunity on Friday night to meet the members and families.

It was a wonderful chance to introduce our son Cooper to the fantastic opportunities ahead, not just for himself but also for his sister and for us as a family.  We were already comfortable with the amazing experiences you offer, but Friday night just sealed it off by putting names to faces.

We also ran into a family who we met for the fist time just last weekend at a friend’s birthday party.  Always nice to see a familiar face and we may have not had the opportunity to know that they too are going through what we are, if we hadn’t met again on Friday night.  We have now hooked up with each other on facebook and are going to try and do a family camp together next year.

Thanks again for all the support and enthusiasm the team gives.’

Very positive feedback which reinforces IOE’s belief in family connections and community.

by Mark Taylor – Intake Officer


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