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March 2, 2016

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We are proud to welcome a number of new families into our Interchange community. I have been busy signing up new families and it’s exciting to see some fresh faces. I know everyone at IOE will make our newest members feel very welcome.

We have been mainly focusing on intaking families who have been on our waiting list for a long time, so it’s great that these families will finally be registered. Since late last year, we have completed intake for around 30 new families, the majority of whom are eager to access our Children’s Recreation, School Holiday and Family Support programs.
8 of these new families will be heading off soon to Coonawarra Farm Resort for the March Family Camp and are looking forward to enjoying their first experience of this historic camp. It’ll be a great introduction to IOE!

As fast as families are brought into the service, new ones are added to the list. We are currently receiving 3-4 inquires each week, so the waiting list for registration is unfortunately quite lengthy at present, but we are striving to intake as many new families as fast as possible. As selection for intake is prioritized on need and how long the participant has been on the waiting list, it is hard to estimate an approximate length of time it will take to register any one person. We apologise to those families who are still waiting for services.

Please note that we must register all new participants before they can access programs. If you have any questions about Intake and Waiting lists, please contact me at IOE.

by Mark Taylor

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