NDIS Update

September 13, 2016

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme has begun the national rollout which will finish in 2019. The rollout progressively works itself around the country with the eastern region set to roll out in November 2017. The NDIS brings with it a major change in the way children and young people with disability and their families will access services.

The NDIS is operating but there have been a few ‘teething’ problems. The whole scheme has been described as a plane taking off whilst it is still being built. Others have described it as jumping out of an aeroplane and stitching the parachute together as you go down. They are still refining and developing the service but there have been some great outcomes and people who have never received services are finally getting the support they need.

Some of the issues…
• The NDIS portal has broken and they are holding it together with a whole lot of duct tape whilst they work to improve the system. This has meant delays in services getting paid for the services they provide.
• The Abbot government reduced the workforce of the NDIS from 10,000 to 3,000 reducing their capacity to deliver the reform.
• South Australia underestimating the number of children with ASD eligible for the service by half, ensuring a significant blow out of budget.

Good news…
• Great stories about people getting the help they need.
• Three young women achieve their dream of renting a house together.
• The NDIS is forcing the service sector to think, adapt and ensure that people with disabilities and their families are their priority.

For Interchange Outer East the NDIS is about a whole lot of planning, design and information provision. We are still 12 months away from the NDIS rollout so there are times it feels far into the future, and others like crikey lets get moving.

We have just completed a series of information sessions for families. These sessions were well attended by families and we have some further sessions in the future which will be more about planning and helping to prepare families for the NDIS plan. The session format will be more of a workshop, providing the opportunity to gather information that may be useful for the development of an NDIS plan. These workshops are being planned to run in November 2016.

Other plans will see the creation of some information resources to assist families prepare for NDIS, a new look website that will enable more processes and systems to be completed on line, and the development of our services as we refine and develop them in preparation for the NDIS.

To keep up with the latest news go to https://www.ndis.gov.au/

by Fred Brumhead CEO

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