Music With the Animals

February 26, 2016

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12 ladies, a picnic of good food, a beautiful night and a fantastic concert. A sure recipe for success.

That just about sums up our February Mums Support outing to the Zoo Twilights concert season where Mark Seymour and The Undertows were playing.

We braved the Alexandra Parade Saturday afternoon traffic crawl and arrived in time to be able to secure a spot with a good view of the stage. Though we did put down and pick up a few times before a consensus was reached!

While a few wandered off to check out the animals – the lemurs in their amazing walk through enclosure and the ever-cute meerkats were the favourites –the other ladies made themselves comfortable and took full advantage of their ‘child free’ time to chat and chill out.

The band has us all chair dancing and singing along as the night air settled in and the blankets were unrolled. Then it was time to hit the road but not before certain ladies took souvenir selfies of themselves with an unknowing Mark Seymour in the background.

Thanks ladies for a great start to 2016. Requests were put in for March being Shakespeare in the Park, so I’ll see what I can do. If you haven’t been on Mums outings before we would love to have you join us. Give me a call on 9758 5522.

by Sandra Leehy

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