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November 24, 2016

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Having been a drummer for 17 years now, Jackson Glenn’s visits to a local tavern’s musos night has given him a great opportunity to play the music he loves amongst like minded fellow musicians.

Jackson is a regular at the restaurant now and has his set spot at a table booked every week for him and his chosen lucky support worker.

First it’s dinner and then his name goes on the blackboard along with all the other musos for a spot on the stage. He always ends up playing three or four songs with the house band every week, and has a great time. In Jackson’s own words “I love it” and “I have fun playing music there”.

Jackson has got to know the other regulars and there is a real community atmosphere at the restaurant, where cupcakes and chocolates are always being shared around to celebrate someone’s birthday – including his own – or special occasion. Jackson was the original drummer with the IOE band ‘Supernaturals’ and is an integral part of the popular Glenn Family Band where he plays with his guitarist dad Andrew and singer and front man brother Thomas.

At the tavern he is his own man, playing and jamming with the other local musicians.


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