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December 12, 2014

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We are grateful to Montrose based mulch business, Bark King, which has continued to support Enterprises, the work arm of IOE’s adult services.

Bark King first donated a substantial load of mulch in February this year and have recently made a second delivery of 15 square metres which is guaranteed to keep the Enterprises crew busy for a few weeks at least!

Enterprises’ mulch deliver business is continuing to provide the young adults with the opportunity to learn both work skills and work ethics as they load, deliver and distribute the mulch to various households and locations throughout the community. Funds generated through on-selling the donated mulch are put back into Enterprises to further support the work programs and participants.

As well as donating mulch, Bark King has been supporting Enterprises by removing the timber and bark waste from their wood collection, chopping and delivery business. This has meant a considerable financial saving in tip fees for the business, so greatly reducing their costs.

Mulching gardens helps maintain soil moisture and reduces the need to water, an essential consideration with the promise of another hot summer. Book your order with Enterprises by calling 9758 7893 before their summer holiday break begins.

Please also support Bark King by visiting their website or call 9728 5200 to check out the services and products they offer.

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