Monster Trucks Impress.

October 10, 2014

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Big trucks = big fun!!

A group of strapping young adults, with me in tow, headed out on an IOE Adult Rec Program outing to see the ‘Monster Trucks Show’ last week. The trucks were huge and unbelievably loud, but that simply added to the great atmosphere!!

We were lucky enough to score pit passes that allowed us to get up really close to the vehicles and their drivers, before they set out to launch off ramps, crash and race around the arena. The crowd roared (almost as loud as the trucks did) as the monster trucks literally drove over average size cars that looked like mere toy matchbox cars in comparison.

An exciting  event and fantastic entertainment …. we now know why it sold out swiftly. Everyone was impressed and a great time was had by all. Yet another activity to add to the evergrowing list of exciting Adult Rec outings.

by Michaela Alcorn

roaring  truck lift off  a monster

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