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November 7, 2014

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33 women, no children, no partners, no responsibilities and nothing to do but enjoy themselves. And they did that and more on the recent IOE Mums weekend away!

Most commonly heard comment over the weekend was “Its been so long since I … had time to myself to just browse through the shops / had a dance/ just sat down by myself and relaxed etc etc.” How lovely to hear because that is what Mums’ weekends (or escapes as I prefer to call them) are all about.

The weather wasn’t brilliant with a cycle all weekend of showers, cloud and sunshine. Only one brave soul took a dip in the pool but there was plenty more to keep us all busy. The Mansfield High Country Festival was on, with lots of exhibitions around the town, a big market on the Saturday and the firing of Mansfield’s cannon by the historical society followed by the Not Quite Grand Parade – lots of big farm equipment and vehicles of every description including the town water carrier and garbage truck!. Back at Alzburg there was lots of laughter coming from the indoor spa, a couple played tennis, and the party animals partied on in one of the rooms.

Most of the ladies love op shopping, so on Saturday night we had an op shop glam/ retro dress up theme. I must say the majority of outfits were amazing. We played games during dinner to fit in with the old things theme – name the era of songs, celebrity heads with people who ‘are no more’ and everyone was tested trying to match baby and current photos and secret facts – interesting results! Then it was hit the dance floor until about 12.30 for a few hours of seriously groovy moves, more socialising and finally bed.

Sunday most ladies either relaxed or headed off to the Mansfield shops and cafes again, while Shelley and I chopped and mixed and sliced preparing our traditional Sunday gourmet BBQ, which we have round the pool before we head for home.

All in all it was a very relaxed and sociable weekend with our newest members being welcomed and fitting right in – hopefully they had such a good time that they will become ‘regulars’ on future Mums group outings.

Thanks again ladies for contributing such a positive vibe to the weekend. Can’t wait to do it all again next year –-though Alzburg’s Manager,Rick, might need a long holiday before then!

by Sandra Leehy

matching photos  enjoying the spa  lunchtime laughter  behind the bar

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