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November 4, 2013

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Jackson Glenn has always wanted to work and has held down various positions in restaurants in the past. But working in a supermarket was what he really wanted to do.

The Foodworks Supermarket in Upwey had previously provided work experience for one of the young men attending Interchange’s Balance service.  Building on that already established connection, Interchange’s Adult Connections Facilitator, Lydia Webb, set up the opportunity for Jackson with Foodworks. Jackson was delighted and very excited to be offered the work experience position, which was to start at the beginning of term 3. After he and support worker Scott Missen met with the manager and found out about uniform, jobs and shift times, Jackson couldn’t wait to get right into his new supermarket work.

Jackson attends Foodworks every Tuesday. He meets Scott outside the store, then the two of them drop off their bags in the staff room, greet the other staff and get to work unpacking goods, stacking shelves, rotating stock around the store and just generally helping out.  They have been doing this for a number of months now and the feedback we have had from the store has been great.

Acting Store Manager, Jarrid, told me that Jackson is lucky to have Scott as his support worker as he is a great guy and they work really well together. Jackson is doing really well and they would all be happy to have both of the guys continue as they are a great help.

I have asked Jackson if he would like to continue his volunteering and I have asked Scott if he would like to continue supporting Jackson in this role and both have replied with a very positive “YES”.

Vicki, Jackson’s mum, reported that she dropped Jack off last week, and as she went in to do her own shopping, she heard another staff member say, “Oh good the guys are here!”

… and Jackson, well when asked how having work makes him feel “Good, happy, awesome’ but “sad when I have to leave ” was his reply.

Now that’s a success story.

by Jackie Rawstron

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