IOE Respite Fee Increase

November 21, 2013

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After many years of providing families with affordable weekend respite, Interchange Outer East has had to increase its fees to fall in line with recent Fair Pay Equity legislation. In addition, a recent Fair Work Australia determination has brought in penalty rates for casual staff working on Saturdays and Sundays who work in the community, home care and disability sectors.

These two determinations mean that Interchange Outer East needs to make considerable changes to its payroll and pricing structure, as they are required by law to provide penalty rates to all casual staff on duty on a Saturday or Sunday. The price rise as a result of the the Fair Pay Equity case is due to come in force from the week beginning the 2nd of December 2013.

In light of the changes to the award and the difficulties that Interchange knows this will place on families, the basic rate for support (which now only covers Monday – Friday) will remain unchanged, however rates for support which takes place on Saturdays and Sundays will rise significantly.

Interchange Outer East realises that this will impact heavily on families whose major purchased respite, recreational and support needs are predominantly weekend based.

‘We are unable to gauge the affect this price rise will have on the agency as a whole, on our workers and also on the range of recreation services we currently provide” said Fred Brumhead, Interchange Outer East CEO. “But we can assure families that we are working innovatively to find solutions whereby we can still continue to provide the same quality of service with a minimum price increase”

“I urge families to contact their coordinators, planners and case managers as soon as possible to discuss the possible impact this increase will have on them.  If anyone requires more information they can contact myself or IOE on 9758 5522 or email”

by Sandra Leehy




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