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July 7, 2017

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Interchange Outer East is a great place to work!

We are currently recruiting more casual support workers who have skills or interests in working to support people with particular needs or in particular program areas.

IOE has a number of children and young adults who use behaviour as a means of communication and who would be best supported by someone with some expertise or interest in this area. We are therefore looking for people with the right personality and capabilities – patient, focused, calm and responsive while having a strong commitment to, and understanding of, people who use behaviours of concern as a communication technique. People applying for this support work should have either previous experience or be willing to undertake further positive behaviour support training.

We are also seeking people who are studying or have previous experience in any medical related fields – such as nursing; physiotherapy, occupational or speech therapy; disability – to support children and young adults with complex medical or high physical support needs. The positions would be particularly suitable for students interested in gaining practical experience which could assist with post grad employment. Further training in various medical procedures such as tracheostomy, gastrostomy, epilepsy management will be made available.

An upsurge in the provision of recreation programs has meant IOE requires additional workers to run and staff activities. Enthusiasm, fun, a good role model, ability to take initiative and a passion for empowering people with disabilities, are the qualities we are looking for in applicants for this role. The job is flexible and offers weekend, school holiday and out of hours work, working with groups of participants and volunteers on  recreational activities out and about in the community.

Anyone seeking employment, and who wishes to submit an application/resume in any of the above areas, must first attend one of the upcoming information sessions. Check out the Casual Support Worker Information page for session dates and skill preference details. Resumes can be lodged at the conclusion of each session. For more information, or to register for a session, contact Anna or Bernadette

By targeting support workers with specific skills and interests we will not only be further enhancing the scope of experience of our already qualified workforce but ensuring that IOE is well placed to cope with the anticipated extra support demands of the NDIS.

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