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June 28, 2017

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Interchange Outer East takes seriously the rights of our service users and the IOE community as a whole.

We strive to deliver services which provide the best outcome possible for people with disabilities and their families. We also strive to be a safe, welcoming and inclusive workplace for all employees and volunteers, a community where diversity is celebrated.


In order to keep services at an optimum level we need to know when there are aspects of our programming, communication or service delivery and workplace operations which are not meeting expectations.

Therefore, we welcome complaints and have a clear Complaints Policy and Procedure document and a robust complaints procedure. The document sets out the ‘chain of command’ of people that participants and their families can contact if they are unhappy or dissatisfied with any aspect of IOE or feel they have been unfairly treated. If preferred, complaints can be made in writing and complaint forms are available on the website, or direct from IOE, in a number of formats, making them readily accessible to all. Complaints can also be emailed direct to


Similarly we are always open to feedback and suggestions for change or improvement. Hearing from service users and others, either formally or informally, helps us to ensure we are meeting needs and are continuing to create opportunities and choice for all.


Interchange Outer East wants people with disabilities and their families to be fairly represented in all areas of contact with IOE and encourages the use of advocates to maximise open and clear communication. As well as providing support to the person or their family, an advocate can add knowledge and expertise and can be a valued third party, particularly in relation to any grievance or conflict issue. Advocates can be formally trained and sourced through an advocacy organisation or can be friends, family members or supporters.

IOE’s Advocacy Policy is available in standard and easy English versions on the Policy and Procedures page of the website. We have also posted website links on that page to a number of advocacy related organisations which can provide further advice and information about advocacy.

Of course, Interchange Outer East  also welcomes feedback on what we are getting right. Positive and affirmative comments and stories confirm that we are steering in the right direction! A direction that, with  the continued input of service users and their families, will take us confidently into the future.

Sandra Leehy

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