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July 18, 2014

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Well, the winter school holidays have come and gone.

As usual everyone had a wonderful time on the various activities and camps.  These holidays we’ve put together some stats to show just how much our fabulous volunteers contributed to IOE programs and in turn to families during the holiday break.

Prepare to be amazed. Over the holiday period there were 74 spots available for volunteers to fill over 5 activity days and 2 camps. Some activities didn’t require a 1:1 ratio and some volunteers volunteered on multiple activities. 6 volunteers even attended both camps – now that is commitment!

So in total there were 42 volunteers involved in the July school holidays with a mix of new volunteers, current volunteers, and placement students. And every one of them was awesome.   The total number of hours of fun for children and respite for parents that were provided on camps and activities on the school holidays was 151.5. The total amount of hours contributed by volunteers was 11,211.  The total value of volunteer contribution at the rate of $20 an hour is $224,220!

A few more interesting stats about the actual volunteers. Females outnumbered males 80.95% to 19.05% The average volunteer age was 21 – the youngest being 13 and the oldest 60. Youth volunteers, 25 years and younger, made up 85.7% of the total number. Of the 42 people who volunteered over the holidays, 13 were under 18, 23 were 18 – 25 and 6 were 26 – 60.  All in all a very diverse  group of people of varying ages who all worked really well together to give our children another memorable holiday period.

Thank you, thank you to every one of you.

by Jess Van Arendonk

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