ILC Grant Gives Nod to Volunteering

July 13, 2017

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volunteering communicationThe Project

Interchange Incorporated, on behalf of its 12 member agencies, has successfully secured grant funding to implement a national volunteer awareness and recruitment campaign.

The Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) funding is awarded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to organisations to carry out community inclusion and awareness activities that improve outcomes for people with a disability.

For over 35 years, the Interchange brand has developed a reputation synonymous with fun, family and a positive, can-do attitude. This project will increase community awareness of the Interchange culture, the priceless value of volunteers on many Interchange programs and throughout the disability sector, and the need to continue to support a national culture of volunteering into the future.

Project Purpose and Stages

The purpose of the project is twofold; to encourage and support people with disability to volunteer within the sector, and to attract more community members to volunteer in the disability sector. To begin the project, a national awareness campaign will highlight the benefits of volunteering for all and that volunteering is for everyone – including people with a disability. It will aim to break down barriers and educate the community on the essential contribution that volunteers make within the sector as well as the unique value proposition that volunteers with a disability bring – not only to their peers but to the wider community. The key message of the awareness campaign will be that everyone within the community has something to contribute and can contribute in a meaningful way if given the opportunity and the support to do so.

The second phase of the project will focus on the recruitment, induction and training processes for Interchange volunteers to ensure everyone with an interest in volunteering feels connected, valued and supported. The committee will work hard over the next 12 months to develop and implement a process that achieves a balance between engaging and retaining volunteers in a competitive market while ensuring all volunteers receive the necessary training and support to fulfil their role and, most importantly, enjoy their role as a volunteer. An accredited online training package will complement each agency’s current induction and training process and will allow all members of the Interchange consortium to tailor each process to suit their varied and unique needs.

Thirdly, the committee will evaluate the effectiveness of all stages in the project. The national awareness campaign, and volunteer recruitment, induction and training processes will be evaluated to ascertain the overall satisfaction of all stakeholders around the importance and value of volunteers as well as the effectiveness of training and induction in recruiting and retaining quality volunteers. This information will be reported back to the NDIS, in accordance with the ILC readiness grant guidelines, in mid-2018. The committee hopes to demonstrate the ongoing importance of volunteering as well as the sustained belief within the community that volunteering is a valuable and effective undertaking that should be supported from the highest levels.

Governance Committee

Interchange Incorporated has assembled a governance committee comprising of representatives from six of the 12 Interchange consortium members to oversee planning, implementation and evaluation of the project over a 12 month period.

The Interchange ILC project governance committee met for the first time on Monday 10 July at the Interchange Incorporated office in Melbourne. The committee discussed the scope and role of the committee as well as the aims of the project and started to develop a project plan to submit to the NDIS in the coming weeks. The Interchange ILC Project Government Committee is made up of the following representatives:
Rosanna Spanio – Interchange Incorporated (Project Coordinator); Kerry Uren – Interchange Incorporated; Faye Lougheed – Interchange Outer East; Paul Howard – Interchange Gippsland; Kate Harding – Interchange Inner East; Jake Pearson & Glenda Pearce – Interchange Illawarra; Charlene Pereira – MOIRA Disability & Youth Services; Carol Fogg – Gateways Support Services

Regular updates will be provided throughout the duration of the project, as well as a comprehensive evaluation report later in 2018. To contact the Interchange ILC Project Governance Committee, please email


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