Hitting The Airwaves

February 25, 2014

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Each Wednesday a group from IOE’s Futures Program heads into the city to do a live radio show at the SYN studio, which is located within the RMIT campus.

Throughout the week prior to each session, the group gets together to write a running sheet for the upcoming show,  explaining what music they will be playing, as well as what topics  they will be discussing. Then, in the studio, and with a bit of assistance from Anita at SYN, they broadcast live on 90.7FM each Wednesday from 11am to midday.

All the group members, Aaron, David, Jarrid, Laura and Sanya, like to talk about their hobbies and interests – from dolls to football, the holidays they have been on and the places they would recommend people travel to, as well as all the exciting things coming up in their lives.

Everyone in the group is gaining more and more confidence over the weeks. Its a very happy atmosphere with everyone dancing during the song breaks, as well as singing as loudly as they can into the microphone while the songs are playing. They all really love the idea of having their friends and families listen to them on live radio!  Tune in to  90.7FM and have a listen too.

by Ashlea Allen

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