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June 4, 2015

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Balanced Options Work Education group has formed a great partnership with the CFA in Ferntree Gully. The group usually heads off to the station each Friday to do tasks such as weeding, collecting leaves, tidying up the outside of the fire station, mowing and sweeping and mopping the engine bays, as well as cleaning the fire trucks. They have even been practising some basic firefighting!

The 6 participants – Kent, Tyrone, Jarrid, Natalie, Bahha and Jarrod – all enjoy going to the station, particularly Jarrid, whose life time goal is to be a fireman. When he’s at the station he wears fireman Justin’s uniform and hat and has the biggest grin on his face. He is in heaven! The firefighters and station reception staff who have seen our group at work are very welcoming and always very friendly.  Justin has been amazing, trying his best to be at the station as often as he can when our guys are there. Sometimes Justin is so busy in conversation with Kent, it’s hard for him to even get a word in.

I believe this experience is only a starting point for the group and being a part of the Ferntree Gully CFA has been amazing on all fronts.  As well as being a great experience for the guys it is a great example of community cooperation and inclusion.

Oh … and Jarrid’s weekly question is, “what are we doing at the fire station this week?”

by Tim Beare

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