Heard About Purchased Options?

March 4, 2016

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Have you heard about the Purchased Options program? Its a way of using funds to open up opportunities for adults, by sharing the cost of support with others who have similar interests or goals. As the new Purchased Options Coordinator,  I’m very excited about my new role and all of the possibilities that I see this service could bring for our Interchange families.

How does it work? Purchased Options has a full fee for service costing structure and is available to all adults who register with IOE.   People can use their ISP funding, or source funds such as Breakaway funding, as well as using personal funds to minimize their activity costs by sharing the cost of support. This shared support can be used for a whole range of options: recreation, travel, training and education, work experience, volunteering and employment, intensive shifts that focus on personal goals or just getting out and about and socialising.

So, if you would like to take part in a particular activity or opportunity with friends or others with similar interests or goals, while keeping costs as low as possible,  Purchased Options is an alternative to ‘doing it alone’ and purchasing one on one support. It’s also an alternative for participants who are over 25 and are no longer eligible for the Adult Recreational Services. Unlike our funded programs there are no geographic boundaries for participants who want to use the service.

Whilst I will continue to seek out fun and interesting activities, this service is all about what participants and  families want.  I would love you to contact me with ideas and information about activities, events and opportunities that you would like to participate in.

If you are interested in finding out more about Purchased Options, please contact me on03 9758 5522 or email me at purchasedoptions@ioe.org.au  It is definitely the future direction of funding use!

by Jo Davis, Purchased Options Coordinator

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