Healesville Thank You Day

December 22, 2015

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It was a thank you with a difference. Our Hosts and Specialised Carers have contributed so much to IOE families over this past year that we wanted to say ‘Thank You’ by giving them a special day out at Healesville Sanctuary.

It was a fabulous day with over 80 Hosts, Spec Carers, children and their families coming along to join in the fun of the day and to enjoy all that Healesville Sanctuary has to offer. Hosts also enjoyed meeting or reconnecting with other hosts and chatting about their experiences.

During the 2014-2015 financial year, Volunteer Hosts contributed 9,547 hours to the program, caring for their host children and providing respite for families. Translated into financial terms, the cost of purchasing this number of respite hours would be $415,963.  Specialised Care volunteers also provided over 6,000 hours of care. Again a huge contribution. Thank you to all our Volunteer Hosts and Spec Carers for your commitment to our programs and contribution to the lives of so many IOE families and their children.

You are much appreciated!


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