Grantville Holiday Fun

May 6, 2014

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On Monday  April 14, our excited (and thankful for the nice weather) group headed off to Grantville camp for a little holiday getaway.

First stop was the Frankston sand sculptures –  a great place to stop for lunch and to check out the incredible sculptures. From there, we headed straight down to our campsite at Grantville. The plan for an all in soccer game was overruled by the group – majority rules! Instead they all checked out the campsite for themselves, played other ball games and had dress up fashion parades while some great piano sing-alongs happened in the background. After dinner the campfire was lit. Damper chefs showed off their delicious creations over a bunch of laughs by the fire.

Tuesday morning we were up and ready to go, heading  straight to Amaze N Things. Everyone had a ball going through the illusion rooms, working out the puzzles, (some of us even managing to do the entire mirror maze backwards without hitting a wall!). Some brave souls dared the drop slide – while others watched nervously, or headed out to collect some coloured flags in the big maze.

Back to camp for a quick bite of lunch, then off to swimming. Plenty of laughs echoed through the centre as splashing wars became a bit of a ‘thing’. Wrinkled little prunes, we headed out to make it in time for dinner and the penguin parade!  A busy day saw most of us collapse in to bed fairly soon after supper.

Next morning we woke to perfect weather. After packing up and farewelling our campsite staff we headed off to explore Myuna Farm, where we fed bread to the hungry animals and had a train ride around the farm. A quick afternoon tea stop on the way home turned into an abundance of see-saw laughs and liberty swing squeals, before we made it back to IOE.

A jam-packed camp, full of laughs and great memories. Thank you to all of our incredible volunteers, and to everyone who came along to join in the fun. When can we do it all again?

by Bec, Erin and Daniel

digging  waiting for penguins  Amaze n Things  feeding the pig  sunny sandcastles

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