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Hosting – Its volunteering with a difference which makes a difference.

If you live in Melbourne’s outer east and want to make a positive difference to the lives of others in your community, you might like to consider becoming A Volunteer Host with Interchange

There is a wide range of hosting options, from sharing a full weekend to sharing a few hours with a child or teenager with a disability. We now even have a hosting program where ‘littlies’  can take part – a sort of mini host program. There are many different hosting roles- as an additional and very important second family to a child, a supportive friend or mentor, or as a buddy who shares a common interest.

Whatever your hosting contribution you know you will be making a positive difference to the lives of everyone involved, especially your own.

Hosting – Something For Everyone
  • For Children it’s different experiences, new social contacts, involvement in a wider community and a break from home.
  • For Families it’s a rest from the carer role, time to unwind and enjoy those things in life that are difficult to do when their child is home, quality time with siblings and partners, a chance to ‘recharge the batteries’.
  • For Hosts – it’s a new family member, new experiences, an appreciation of their own family life, positive feelings from overcoming doubts and challenges and from knowing they are ‘making a difference’. Hosting is just one way of putting something back into your local community.
  • For Community – it’s greater awareness, tolerance, understanding and acceptance of differences in people. An inclusive community is a healthier and happier community … a community where all members are valued.
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Who Can Host

HOSTS come from all walks of life, all cultural backgrounds and all lifestyle situations. Hosts can be singles or couples, male or female, with or without children of their own, young adults through t...



Introducing you to the stories, and faces, of some of the wonderful people who are hosts with the IOE Volunteer Host Program.  ...



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