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Corporate volunteering is a great way for companies to get involved with their local community and to try something different. Why not Corporate Volunteer with Us!

Interchange Outer East is able to offer organisations a variety of volunteer options for employees.

– Volunteering on day activities or camps with children and young people with disabilities.

– Fundraise on our behalf for valuable programs and equipment.

– Let us know what you are good at and we will try and match your skills to a suitable volunteer position.

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What’s In It for you … ?

Recruiting edge: Many companies find that a volunteer program can be an important employee recruitment and retention tool.

Commitment: Volunteering can increase commitment to the community.

Teamwork: Group volunteer activities encourage team spirit.

Leadership: Volunteer opportunities encourage employees to take the lead.

New skills: Volunteering challenges employees to learn new skills that may help them in their careers.

Corporate social responsibility: Volunteering demonstrates corporate social responsibility.

Community connections: Volunteering encourages connections with the community.

What’s In It For Us … ?

Awareness: Connecting with a large company increases awareness for a community organisation.

Education: We are able to educate people in the community about disability and our purpose.

Volunteers: If the corporate volunteer enjoys the experience they may continue to volunteer in their own time and support Interchange Outer East.

Transfer of skills: We are able to learn new skills from corporate volunteers.

Interchange Outer East will work with your organisation to make the most out of the volunteer experience. Just give us a call on (03) 9758 5522 or email for more information.


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