Funny Noses And A Chook

April 24, 2013

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Follow the chicken!

Trevor, the rubber ‘chook on a stick’ with his handler Rod Quantock, led about 40 bespectacled and funny nosed people, including a gathering from the IOE Mums’ group, through the streets of Melbourne last Sunday, the last day of the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

We sang a round of Silent Night in Swanston Street and nearby Scots Church hall to small, appreciative and bemused audiences. The ladies had a viewing and smelling of the Mens public toilets in Collins St with a reciprocal visit by the men to the Ladies. We invaded a shop with well planned invasive tactics, got a free drink (and forty straws) in a pub and accosted numerous people (in the nicest way) as Rod pursued his mission of recording all the national anthems of the world.

Wandering the streets in funny noses gives you a bit of an insight into people. We encountered the genuinely confused, the gullible (no we weren’t really a Jewish tour group who was off to see the penguins later and just wanted the street sculptures explained), the downright rude, the nice ‘in on the joke’ ones and the obligatory religious zealot who was convinced we could give him a ticket to heaven!

A few drinks and nibbles at one of the pubs, a stroll through China Town and back to the vans – a cleverly sourced car park, thanks to fellow staffer,Naomi, and our outing was at an end.

Just a sample of some of the things that our Mums’ support group gets up to on outings and that we’d love to share with more ladies. Give me (Sandra) a call 9758 5522 if you would like to know more.

Sandra Leehy

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