Fun Filled Jam Packed Camp

July 20, 2016

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On Wednesday 6th July, 33 keen campers headed out in dubious weather, bound for Camp Manyung at Mount Eliza. Unfortunately, due to the weather,  we had to skip the Enchanted Maze Garden and head straight to camp.

Camp started with an all in soccer game, before we split off in to teams for geocaching and orienteering. Teams roamed the campsite following  GPS coordinates (sometimes wrong!) and maps (more reliable!) to locate their treasures, before racing away from the treasure zone to keep it secret from the other teams.

As the sun went down, we settled in for a movie night – Despicable Me 2 – before crashing into bed.

Thursday we had squeals of delight (or terror, whichever term you prefer) as kids were pulled high into the sky on the giant swing. The universal harness at camp was brilliant, and enabled everyone to have a go at the terrifying drop that is the giant swing! After lunch, we headed out tree rolling – an all accessible high ropes course that can be completed on foot, in a wheelchair, on a scooter or on a skateboard. Well, that was a hit! Everyone was harnessed up and looping around and around the course, and only those brave enough went down the ramp from the course to finish off by flying through the trees on the flying fox.
That evening we had a campfire to warm us up before discoing the night away, showing off our moves and have dance-offs. So much laughter and hilarity!

While were packing up next morning some of our ace volunteers ran a walkie talkie game for those already packed. Volunteers at ‘base’ communicated with teams around the campsite, giving them instructions to locate certain items around the site and report back with answers to questions. When each team reported the correct information back to base, they were given a new clue and new instructions.

We left camp in time to head to The Big Goose for lunch, where everyone enjoyed the big jumping pillow, adventure playground and up close experience with the animals.

What a fun filled, jam-packed camp.

Thank you to all of you who made it possible, including of course our amazing volunteers who worked tirelessly and shot countless hoops of basketball, made an incredible amount of balloon animals and kept everyone entertained. You ROCK!

Thanks again,

by Emma, Ash and Bec

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