Extending Opportunities For Nick

February 5, 2016

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I would like to let you know about the experiences we have had with your Adult Rec Program.

It is important that you and others in the disability field understand the impact this program has had on my son, Nick, and I imagine all of those involved.

It is impossible to consider this as just an outing for Nick when the opportunities and experiences have opened up his world. Since his first days of involvement we have had gains in social communication and engagements at home and when we go out. I have seen a huge sense of pride when he has been telling people what he has been up to and finally, my dreams have come true with an array of different topics to talk about: sport, camps, concerts and city experiences. In short Nick has connected himself to the real world.

This program most importantly has taught my son flexibility (we can finally visit different places and environments), improved his money skills trying new foods, patience, communication and challenged him to try new things.

The carers have been amazing and truly been role models with language (for example how to talk about football, wrestling and concerts) how to behave in groups and in public. I feel so happy that Nick can experience the same opportunities as any other young adult.

The Rec program is my son’s social cub which gives him a sense of belonging and independence from us, his family in a very safe and happy environment.

Thank you to Peter and the team at Interchange.

by Michelle (Nick’s mother)


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