Exploring Melbourne

November 27, 2015

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Adults Services have been off intrastate, interstate and overseas on their end of year holidays.

One group headed to the Melbourne CBD where they spent their time away exploring the the city sights.

A summary of the holiday: Lots of laughs; heaps of walking; touching the grass at the G; shooting hoops at the NSM; freaking out at the Aquarium
and of course … trying lots of new foods

Comments from the group: ‘I loved the big crocodile at the Aquarium and when he moved it scared me’; ‘I picked some grass when we were at the MCG and I took it home, mum has put it in a tin for me’; ‘McDonalds on the last day was great, we didn’t have it all week but I liked the food at the Queen Vic night market, I haven’t tried Paella before and it was yum’;  ‘Where we stayed the man in the kitchen was funny and he remembered my name’

Sounds like they had a great time!

by Jackie Rawstrom

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