Dinner Invite For Parents

June 26, 2015

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Well, once again the housemates from the House Intensive Program invited their parents up to the house in Warburton to share a warm hearty meal they had prepared to showcase the skills they have been working on over the past block.

Pre-planning had been put into place several weeks earlier, as it was going to be a huge effort to feed a three course meal to 20 hungry mouths. The menu planned was: Pumpkin soup to start, followed by beef ragu and lemon slice to finish.

It was a huge day with the housemates working well as a team. Setting the tables, organising picture boards of their recent holiday, finishing the prep and cooking everything that was required for all the meals, counting out correct amount of plates, bowls, utensils etc. Time management skills were excellent, as most tasks were completed just before the first guests arrived.

A big thank you to all the parents and siblings who came out on such a cold wet night. Your support is very much appreciated and it’s a delight to see the buzz that the guys get out of it. Unfortunately Jarrod’s father, Mike, was the only one unavailable on the night due to work commitments but we managed to package up a take-away meal that Jarrod heated up and served up the following evening at home! The housemates also extended the invitation out to Carly (House Intensive Coordinator) and Fred (CEO) to join them on the night.

The guys worked well as a team supporting each other, dishing up the meal, serving at the table and clearing empty plates. Some of the guests even had second serves! Well, it did all taste great! And was indeed a very social evening.

The evening was a huge success with lots of positive feedback given.

We look forward to sharing the experience again at the end of the year.

by Sandi Anthony, Jackson, Jarrod, Chris, Moni, Nicoli


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