Day 2 from New Zealand

December 11, 2013

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Breakfast was a feast. Yes you can have anything. Yes just help yourself. 2nd / 3rd breakfasts are fine. After filling up we hit Wellington and found the cable car and went for a ride. A quick walk around the wharf and it was back to the hotel for the Lord of the Rings tour.

We are now settling in and getting to know each other. Every newsagent we lose Morgan who is in search of wrestling magazines, Tom is always thirsty, Marcel is the greatest at everything and James is always looking for washing opportunities.

So The Lord of the Rings tour took us to “Wellywood” or Peter Jacksonville where Peter seems to have purchased an entire neighbourhood of old factories and plane hangers. What isn’t owned by Peter is owned by Weta, the creatures and special effects company. Weta was the LoR company but also made District 9, Tintin, Avatar (most expensive movie!), King Kong, and is currently doing The Hobbit plus a hundred or so other movies and TV shows. Anyway, we went first to the Weta workshop where we watched a film and then got up close and personal to Urikai, Gandalf, Gollum and some trolls. We also did the Weta workshop tour – unbelievable the toys and things they had hanging around. They had miniatures of cities and apparently all their miniatures and bigatures are stored around Wellington – although it isn’t planned as yet they could do a wholly interactive journey from the Shire to Mt Doom – big opportunity. After Weta we went to a few locations where film scenes for LoR were shot. Played out a couple of scenes and finished the tour on top of Mt Wellington looking out across Wellington.

by Fred Brumhead

… read more of the adventures of Day 2 and each day of the New Zealand holiday in Fred’s daily blog

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