Dads Wilsons Prom Weekend

May 31, 2017

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Friday 19 May arrived and I was ready and rearing to go on my first weekend away with the Dads Social Group. We managed to leave by 6ish, stopping en route to Wilsons Prom at Leongatha where the dads scattered in many directions but mostly in the direction of the pub. We finally arrived at our accommodation in Waratah Bay and managed to consume a good amount of cheese, dips and chips, plus a nightcap, before bed.

Saturday we kick-started the day with a classic fry up of egg and bacon sandwiches. Head chef Fred, with me as his assistant, cooked up 3kg of bacon which set the fellas up for the rest of day.

First stop was Stony Creek Go-Karts. Nothing like the excitement of whipping around a track a few inches off the floor with no seat belt!! We compared times and went at it again to shave valuable seconds off our first round. Much debate over the cars, track and weather conditions and racing styles – what more could you expect from a bunch of men.

After go-karting we broke up into two groups: the walkers and the brewery folk.

One group set off to Wilsons Prom. After a quick stop off for lunch along the way we walked the Squeaky Beach circuit – 2.5km round trip to the beach and back. It was a perfect day for a walk and the weather was awesome. Amazing views of the coastline and granite boulders dotted the landscape. Feeling refreshed and invigorated we did a detour walk to Pillar Point where we had incredible views of the entire peninsula.

The brewery folk went to Grand Ridge Brewery to sample to local boutique ales of the area. The group followed the general theme of the day with a quick Segway to the Fish Creek Hotel on the way back for further refreshments.
Saturday night we had a classic pub dinner at Fish Creek. Plenty of parmas, steaks and pots. Lots of banter with the locals – particularly the barmaid (thank you for accepting us). We did monopolise the pub towards the end of the night and were the only ones left. The guys seemed to enjoy just being with their friends and watching the footy. Back at the lodge everyone mingled and continued with high spirits well into the night.

Sunday, after a quick pack/tidy away, we set off to Phillip Island. It was fishing for some of the guys – a five hour charter with T-Cat Charters. They threw a few back but ended up with sufficient catch for a few feeds for the next couple of days. A great day spent with great company; and what a day for it!

My breakaway group had a fish (bought not caught) and chip lunch in Rhyl (as if would have anything else) and made our way over to the Island racing track where we did the motorsport museum and watched the Sunday afternoon karters whizzing around the track. The it was off to the Nobbies to walk the boardwalk and to have a well-deserved coffee. The sunset was simply outstanding.

We greeted the fishermen after their hard day at sea and headed back to IOE.

My first dads weekend away left me with the overarching feeling and realisation that this group does mean a lot to these guys. They truly are all there for one another. Sometimes this may only be conveyed by a punch on the arm, a passing of a beer, a knowing look or just listening to one another. Silence sometimes says the greatest things.

Mark Taylor – Dads Support Coordinator

Dads Group is open to all male carers who have a child with a disability, no affiliation with IOE is necessary. If you would like more information about the group please contact Mark at

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