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April 30, 2014

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The latest group to take advantage of overseas travel opportunities left Australia on April 21, headed for Paris, Munich, Berlin and Amsterdam.

It was excitement all round as, Karin, Claire and Robbie accompanied by Shelley and Fred met at the airport, checked bags, said their goodbyes and headed through the doors to the international passenger area.

The trip was the culmination of a life long dream for Karin, who wanted to travel to Germany to take in the sights and meet up with her father who lives in Stuttgart.

With his ‘lets make it happen’ attitude, Fred threw himself into the planning, recruited Shelley as a co supporter (that was the easy part) and sought out like minded, fellow travelers Claire and Robbie – then tried to navigate the multilingual maze of internet travel information.

Well they have been away now for a week now and have been having some amazing adventures and experiences which Fred is documenting in his daily blogs in typical laconic Fred style.

The blogs have been consolidated into a single Word document which will be added to as new reports arrive. Take a read now ‘The Amazing Adventures of Karin, Claire, Robbie, Fred and Shelley Melbourne to Berlin’ and ‘Berlin and onwards’ and keep coming back for further news as their travels continue.

by Sandra Leehy

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