Best Camp Ever!

April 22, 2013

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On Monday the 8th of April, a bunch of very excited volunteers, children and staff headed to Neerim for another fantastic school holiday camp.
It took a couple of U-turns on the road, plus a drive down a very long driveway to find our destination, CYC Forest Edge campsite. Very impressive directions thanks to google maps!

I’ve been on so many Interchange camps and activities that I’ve lost count, but for some reason this camp at Forest Edge was one of the best.

Firstly there were some fantastic activities on site. Two in-ground trampolines were very popular all weekend and kept the kids busy for hours. The flying fox was huge – the walk from one end to the other must have been about 300m uphill. Some eager kids and volunteers managed to walk up and down it more than 10 times, what an effort!  Then there was archery, with a chocolate awarded by Kylee Taylor for every bulls eye scored – some keen competition was assured. The Forest Edge high ropes course was impressive and had the kids showing off their great climbing and balance skills …  and just exploring the campsite was fun.

A stream runs right through the site and this was a great place to skip rocks, relax or to jump over, fortunately no-one managed to fall in!

The second thing that made it such a good camp was that the whole place had a very welcoming, comfortable and relaxing feel – it felt just like home – and the staff were fantastic, really friendly and accommodating.

Put all those things together, add a great bunch of kids and amazing volunteers and the result was our fabulous camp.

In the lead up to the camp I know the volunteer coordinators were tearing their hair out trying to get enough volunteers right up to the very last minute, but fortunately for all of us it all came together in the end.

Finally, I think a special mention must be made of Ash Cameron, who was a first time camp staff member and did an exceptional job!

Looking forward to many more camps to come.

Jess Callaway

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