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September 26, 2014

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With three excited grandchildren in tow we headed up the stairs at the Knox cinema complex for a morning of movie fun and special treats, compliments of IOE.

Before the movie began we had to make some tough decisions. It took a few changes of mind to decide between boysenberry or  vanilla choctops, and a lemonades, water or Fanta to drink? Popcorn was just popcorn – so that one was easy. These treats were all included in our $5 ticket price – what a bargain.

The movie, The House of Magic, was rated G and had a wide age range appeal (though I was asked by Miss Sophistication “When is it going to get interesting Nanna!!”) The main character, the cutsie cat, used up most of its nine lives, the nasty nephew got his just desserts and the lovable, eccentric old magician got to live happily ever after in his house with all his animals and gadgets. The power of family and love won all and most importantly good triumphed over evil. What more could you want.

Thanks IOE it was a great way to kick off the school holidays.

by Sandra Leehy

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