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Interchange Outer East is committed to delivering services which create opportunity and offer choice.  Working within the Human Rights framework is intrinsic to our organisation.


Creating Opportunities and Choice

Key Principles

Interchange Outer East is committed to work within a Human Rights framework.

All people and families have intrinsic worth and need to be provided with the ability to attain, and participate in, a decent life. Central to this notion of dignity is that we work towards an inclusive community where all members of the community are supported and enabled to be fully involved. Services at Interchange aim to be dependable and flexible so that individuals are given the opportunity to develop socially, make choices, learn, and to enjoy community life.

At Interchange respect is a process of mutual understanding. Respect aims to ensure that the services delivered reflect the needs and wishes of families and people with disabilities, and are of a quality people deserve. Interchange will operate with patience, honesty, flexibility, creativity, compassion, acceptance and persistence at all times.

Interchange will work within the principles of non-discrimination, participation and inclusion across all services. Services are developed, allocated, and delivered on the basis of a fair assessment and treatment of all participants eligible to access them. Access to services is based upon principles of justice  (assistance to those most in need) , capacity (how many services can be provided) , ability (skills and knowledge) , and safety (ratio of support people to participants)

Interchange works towards ensuring that all people involved in the service are free from abuse and unnecessary restrictions in their daily lives. Interchange will actively work towards eliminating:
•    the likelihood of abuse of children and vulnerable persons (verbal, physical, social and sexual)
•    the use of restrictive practices (chemical, physical, mechanical and seclusion)

Key Statements

– Interchange has an absolute focus on the involvement and participation of families as a whole in services and the future development of the agency.

– Interchange is committed to developing community capacity through links with community agencies and developing opportunities for groups and individual members of the community to be involved in the service.

– Interchange is focused on the importance of volunteering and the central role of volunteers in the agency in regards to current service provision and the future of the agency.

– Interchange will work positively to reduce unnecessary restrictions on people who access the service.

– Interchange is focused on providing a safe and secure environment for all participants and upholds the principles of child protection and reducing the risks associated with abuse of vulnerable people

– Interchange recognises the Wurundjeri people and the Kulin nation as the traditional owners of the land that Interchange Outer East operates in.

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