A Lovely Day Out

December 22, 2015

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Recently, as part of the Adult Rec program, I was fortunate enough to have a day out with 5 happy souls- Josh, Mitch, Ash, Peter and Kaisha.

First stop on our journey was Badger weir, where we munched on a gourmet BBQ of sausages and lamb kofta with salad. Though I think if you were to ask any of the guys what they thought of the BBQ, they would tell you they were lucky to get anything at all to eat because the cheeky Kookaburras were swooping us and our plates the whole time. Mitch did NOT like this at all. Lucky for him we had our resident outdoor guru Josh with us who saved the day with his innovative idea to collect old gum tree branches and use them as a swatting tool against the swoopers.

The weather was so lovely that after lunch we walked to the weir to work off the sausages that we had managed to eat. Then, still full of energy we drove on to the reservoir in Healesville. What a shock the guys got when I told them we would be climbing the wall to get to the top. Lucky for them we used the stairs! Once we reached the top the view was splendid and well worth the climb.

What a great day all round spent with some really happy and motivated young adults.

by Jeanne Le Gourrierec

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