2016 Vollie Camp

November 11, 2016

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The sun didn’t come out but that didn’t stop us from showing our appreciation to some of our volunteers on our recent volunteer camp. IOE volunteers put so much of themselves into making sure the children and young people on programs have a fun time so the annual camp is a perfect way for us to not only say ‘thankyou’ but to give them the chance to have some fun just for themselves.

The Summit, our campsite in Trafalgar, provided a great space to do some team building exercises and hold a forum or two. Laura West, Sibs leader and a play therapist by occupation, turned us all into big kids, taking us through an afternoon of play therapy. Marcelo followed on with the volunteer forum, which has proved very popular and worthwhile on past vollie camps.

Chocolate, chips, pizza and games were never far away before finishing the weekend with some splat ball.

This year we tried something new. We asked every volunteer who came on camp to bring a friend! Although we only had five friends attend along with four siblings who have expressed an interest in volunteering, it was still very successful and we have already two people who want to be signed up.

It was the perfect opportunity to get all those friends and siblings that say “I couldn’t do what you do” to come a long and see how fun it really is.

by Emma Kay

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